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Detailed configuration parameters of laser marking machine

Date:2019-10-28 15:01:19 Number of visits:
A laser marking machine equipment has many configurations. Today, Daxinhua laser marking machine is divided into several parts. The configuration parameters of laser marking machine are introduced in detail.
1. Fiber laser: that is to say, the component that produces laser, is also the core part of the whole optical fiber marking machine. There are many domestic and imported brands. At this stage, we often see imported brands: German IPG, British SPI, French Manlight and other brands. Common domestic fiber lasers are: Reich, Chuangxin, Jeppert and so on. Ruike and Chuangxin are the earliest laser brands in China, and they are relatively mature.
For equipment vendors, it pays to buy domestic fiber laser marking machines, and for use terminals, it pays to buy imported fiber laser marking machines. Why? In terms of cost-effectiveness, the service life of domestic lasers is different from that of price-following lasers, but the quality assurance of the equipment is basically the same.
2. Galvanometer: Digital galvanometer is used in most optical fiber laser marking machines nowadays. In fact, the digital galvanometer and the analog galvanometer are not big, that is, an analog galvanometer plus a DA office, so that the signal transmission process is a form of digital signal transmission, reducing the possible interference in the transmission process.
3. Field mirror: also known as flat-field focusing lens, scanning lens, F-theta mirror. It is mainly used to focus the light from the galvanometer on a plane. When purchasing, we should pay attention to the scope of marking. We should make sure according to our own needs. We should not blindly ask for more.  The wavelength of both optical fiber laser marker and semiconductor marker is 1064 nm, and the field mirrors of both are generally universal.
4. Marking card: For optical fiber laser marking machine, golden orange USB marking card is generally chosen. USB marking card is divided into USB analog marking card and USB digital marking card. USB analog marking card matches with analog galvanometer, UISB digital marking card matches with digital galvanometer.
5. Red light indicator: also known as red light pen, used to indicate the light path, because the 1064nm laser can not be seen, and the 650nm light of the red light indicator is visible. By combining the 650nm light with the 1064nm light through the beam-combining mirror, the 650nm light indicates where to go, and the 1064nm light is where, so as to achieve the function of indicating the light path. The red pen is mounted in the frame of the red photosynthetic beam.
6. Splinter: also called Splinter. The function of a beam splitter: It is used to indicate the light path. Because 1064nm laser is invisible, in the actual marking process, we often need to know where the laser focus is, so as to determine the marking position. By means of the combiner, we combine the 650-nm red light emitted by the diode with the 1064-nm laser under the action of the combiner, so that the position of the 650-nm red light refers to the position of the 1064-nm laser, thus achieving the purpose of using the 650-nm red light to indicate the 1064-nm laser.
7. Optical fiber marking machine cabinet: also known as laser marking machine cabinet, laser control cabinet. If a marking machine is compared to a house, the cabinet is the frame of the house, and all the other accessories are installed in the house.
8. Fiber laser power supply: as the name implies, it supplies power to fiber laser. Normally, there is no power supply for fiber lasers, but the parameters of fiber lasers tell us what kind of power he needs to supply him.
9. Industrial computer: Ordinary computer can also be used. For optical fiber marking machine, because its marking card is USB marking card, then this computer can also use notebook computer, which is one of the important reasons why optical fiber laser marking machine can be made into portable marking machine.
10. Total power control box: If it is a portable marking machine, it will not be installed, but if it is made into a larger machine, it will be good to install this one.
11. Red Photosynthetic Beam Mirror Frame: Located in the light path, it is used to install a combination mirror and a red light indicator.
Above is only reference information, because each customer needs different, so inevitably there will be differences, specific to the content of the contract.
Above is the content of small arrangement of Daxinhua laser marking machine. I hope that I can help you all! uuuuuuuuuuu Daxinhua laser produces and sells optical fiber laser marking machine, optical fiber laser welding machine, free technical guidance, free samples. Welcome to inquire http://www.dxh-laser.com/en/
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