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What is the difference between laser engraving machine and laser cutting machine

Date:2019-10-28 14:59:35 Number of visits:
What's the difference between laser engraving machine and laser cutting machine? What are the specific manifestations? Today, Daxinhua Fiber Laser Welding Machine is introduced briefly.
Advantages of Laser Engraving Machine in Leather
The use of laser engraving machine in leather industry has broken the difficult problems of slow speed, difficult typesetting, low efficiency and material waste of traditional manual and electric shear. The characteristics of high speed and simple operation have brought great benefits to the development of leather industry. Laser engraving machine only needs to cut the graphics and size input to the computer, laser engraving machine will be based on the data on your computer to cut the whole piece of material into the finished product you need. No tools, no moulds, at the same time, you can save a lot of human resources investment. So laser engraving machine is also widely used in leather industry.
Laser engraving machine is also called laser drilling in the leather industry, most of which are used for upper, handbags, leather gloves, bags and so on. Some of the fabrication techniques include punching, surface marking or cutting patterns.
Compared with traditional cutting methods, laser engraving machine has many advantages: the leather edges cut by laser engraving machine are not yellowish, and it also automatically receives or curls the edges, does not deform, does not harden, the size is uniform and accurate; it can cut any complex shape; it has high efficiency, low cost, computer design graphics, it can cut any size of lace; there is no machine to process any shape of the workpiece. Mechanical pressure; safe operation, simple maintenance, etc.
Because of the combination of laser and computer technology, as long as the user designs the pattern on the computer, he can output and change the sculpture graphics at any time, so as to realize the idea of product design while product design. It can be said that the emergence of laser engraving machine has greatly promoted the development of leather industry.
Laser engraving machine process requirements: the outline surface will not yellowing, carving material background, leather cutting edge will not be blackened, carving to be clear.
Laser engraving machine suitable for engraving materials: synthetic leather, PU leather, PVC artificial leather, leather fur, semi-finished products, and various leather fabrics and so on.
Laser engraving machine engraving speed: specific depends on the size of the graphics, small pattern lines relatively slow, speed at 0.8m/min, large pattern cutting speed at 1.5-3m/min, light intensity at 75%, general leather can be cut through. The speed of dermal cutting is 0.4-1.2m/min and the light intensity is 60-75%.
Laser engraving machine limitations: dermal incision will be black, the incision will form an oxide layer, cut can be used to black the edge of rubber mud stained away. Laser processing on leather also produces a peculiar smell, because the laser has a certain amount of heat.
Laser engraving machine solution: for the use of nitrogen cutting need to use high-pressure nitrogen, slow, high cost, but no oxide layer cutting, cutting effect is better. Different leather materials, choose different cutting methods, such as artificial leather marking can be marked in wet water before marking, the effect is better. The cut surface of dermis can be coated with American pattern paper to prevent the surface from yellowing and edge blackening, which requires special treatment.
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