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3D Laser Welding Machine

Laser welding processing is the use the laser beam have high radiation intensity.The laser beam through the optical system focusing, the power density is 104 ~ 107W / cm2 after the laser focus. Workpiece placed near the laser focus heating and melting, me
Product details

【Product Function】

1. Using ABB or robot, configure the fiber welding machine, will be increase the production efficiency.
2. According to customer needs, can be configured with special fixture to meet the needs of automated welding production.
3. The depth and width ratio, welding joints smooth and beautiful.
4. The minimum heat input, due to power density high, melting process is very fast, input workpiece heat is low, welding speed fast, heat distortion and heat affected zone small.
5. High-density, in the welding joints processing, the pool constantly stirring, the gas is easy to produce, resulting in without holes through the weld penetration. After welding when cooling rate fast and easy to weld microstructure, weld strength, toughness and comprehensive performance.
6. Strong welding, high temperature heat source and the full absorption of non-metallic components to produce purification, reducing the impurity content, changing the size of the inclusion and its distribution in the molten pool, the welding process without electrode or filler wire, melting zone contaminated Small, so that the weld strength, toughness at least equivalent to even more than the parent metal.
7. Precise control, due to the focus spot is very small, the weld can be high-precision positioning, the beam is easy to transfer and control, do not often need to replace the torch, nozzle, significantly reduce downtime auxiliary time, high production efficiency, light without inertia, High speed stop and restart.
8. Non-contact, atmospheric environment welding process. Because the energy comes from the laser, the workpiece has no physical contact, so no force is applied to the workpiece. Another magnetic field has no effect on laser welding.
9. Due to the average heat input is low, high precision machining, can reduce the processing costs, in addition, laser welding operation costs lower, which can reduce the cost of the workpiece.
10. Easy to achieve automation, the beam intensity and fine positioning can be effectively controlled.


【Industry Application】

Kitchen and toilet products, such as sinks, gas stoves, hoods and other products.


【Case picture】

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