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Automatic PCB laser marking machine

Product details

This device is used for direct laser marking of solder resistors on printed circuit boards. The laser assembly is mounted on the servo drive X/Y axis above the transmission system.Need to mark the PCB automatic transmission, in a fixed position to move to the target laser engraving area, visual positioning.Laser moves to a preset;Set the location according to different content, such as barcode DataMatrix code, plain text or logo to the product, the camera identifies and verifies the barcode content and saves it.


Product feature

Available with high performance COz laser, fiber laser or green laser, adjustable power and pulse width.

High-speed XY motion table, multi-point and matrix motion high precision visual positioning to ensure the accuracy of the printing position, and confirm the printing content and quality after marking.

Professional HMI software, standard SMEMA interface, support multiple product files,

Support multi-language real-time switching, remote control and data uploading.


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